Finding love in a world that has been infested with so much disdain can be quite an uphill task – especially if you have gone past your prime or ‘youthful’ days.

Everything, however, quickly falls in their right place and begins to make sense when the right person comes along.

A 60-year-old Canadian businesswoman finally met her soulmate after months of searching, albeit mostly online.

He looked nice and sincere, seemed pretty interested in her life goals and was supportive and prayerful, what else should stop her, she thought.

So strong was the chemistry that it took her 35 days to tie the knot with the love of her life after her first visit to Ghana.

Shortly after their marriage, however, she discovered she had been defrauded as her husband turned out to be a phoney.

She was beaten and slapped during sex, chased around the house and beaten, extorted, defrauded, and left to 'die'.

"I understand he used "juju" on me," she said, amidst tears.

Marjorie Newell, a resident of Nova Scotia in Canada shares her ordeal with Laud Harris Adu-Asare on GhanaWeb’s opening episode of Say It Loud, a socio-political show.

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