Her voice has become very popular in short skits and memes in Ghana but barely did anyone know the face behind the famous "Subhan'Allah Sanou....Nana Kafra" videos.

The veil has now been pulled off as she is known and called Hajia Hawa Fuuta.

She is very popular among most netizens on social media and skits for the famous exclamation Subhan'Allah Sanou...Nana Kafra"  to wits 'Glory to God, sorry, Nana, sorry.'

The famous soundbite has now become a very saying among most Ghanaians when something unfortunate happens as people consciously or unconsciously shout Subhan'Allah Sanou...Nana Kafra".

In a YouTube video on Mama online sighted by Ghanaguardian.com, she reveals that it happened some four years ago during one of the Islamic celebrations where they bought a cow to slaughter for the celebrations.

As the men were preparing to slaughter the cattle one Nana attempted to take down the cattle but the animal whacked him with its legs causing him to fall awkwardly from a tricycle.

She was recording the video and just as the incident happened she shouted  Subhan'Allah Sanou...Nana Kafra" to console Nana who had been floored by the cattle.