The boss of Roverman Productions, Uncle Ebo Whyte has advised persons planning to marry to first seek the services of a marriage counsellor before going to the altar.

He stated that even though seeking advises from a marriage counsellor isn’t a guarantee to the marriage success but he/she can be called on when there are problems in the marriage.

“The counsellor is not going to teach you how to marry but he becomes somebody who you could go back to, to call both of you to order. So, when you go for counselling you’ve held yourself accountable to somebody,” he said.

He also advised those in abusive relationships to “run before it’s too late — you don’t need to take it”.

He continued that relationships are not marriages so it’s advisable to end it once you spot violent trait in your partner.

“Unfortunately, we tend to have this tendency in Ghana here that once a relationship begins we don’t think its an option to call it off, we don’t realise that when we are dating we haven’t as yet married. So, at any point in the dating, I can decide that you are not quite who I thought you were…so let’s go our separate ways,” Uncle Ebo Whyte added.

Watch the interview below.