Barely a day after Ridgecrest was hit by a 6.4-magnitude earthquake, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake also rocked Southern California on Friday night.

One of the major highlights of the incident, was a CBS news presenter, Sara Donchey, ducking under the desk with cameras rolling while broadcasting live during the quake in Los Angeles

Juan Fernandez and Sara Donchey were reporting live when the violent tremors hit.

“We are experiencing quite a bit of shaking if you bear with us a moment,” Donchey said.

“We’re making sure nothing is going to come down in the studio here.”

Visibly scared, Donchey grabbed Fernandez’s arm. “This is a very strong earthquake,” she said.

“8:21 here and we’re experiencing very strong shaking. I think we need to get under the desk Juan.”

With the cameras still rolling, she didn't wait as she slid out of her chair and hid under the desk.

Donchey proceeded to take cover as the network suddenly paused for a commercial break.

News presenter hides under desk on live TV as 7,1 earthquake hits Southern California (video)

The earthquake which rocked buildings and cracked foundations, sending jittery residents out on the streets, occurred 11 miles northeast of Ridgecrest. It was further gathered that the Ridgecrest area has had more than 100 aftershocks since Thursday's earthquake, and experts warn there could be more to come.

Kern County spokeswoman Megan Person also confirmed multiple fires and injuries in Ridgecrest, about 150 miles from Los Angeles after Friday's earthquake.

The county has activated an emergency operations center, the fire department tweeted.

"Homes shifted, foundation cracks, retaining walls down," the department said. "One injury (minor) with firefighters treating patient."

News presenter hides under desk on live TV as 7,1 earthquake hits Southern California (video)

Ridgecrest, a city of about 29,000 residents, is home to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, which was closed Friday for safety inspections following Thursday's quake.