A video is in circulation on social media in which a married woman is seen physically assaulting a young lady accusing her of breaking her home.

"Nafisa why are you this witch? What do you seek to achieve in my marriage? What are you doing in my husband's room? You thought I was in Techiman so you were here to cheat on me right? You ain't leaving here today if you refuse to answer all these questions," said the married woman as she continued slapping her alleged naked rival.

The video, after being shared by Talklife GH on Facebook has attracted loads of comments from a section of the Ghanaian populace. While some condemned the assault, others said it was a step in the right direction.

Some even suggested the act is disrespectful towards women and should not be circulated on Facebook.

"This is so wrong to film your fellow woman naked and put out there. Where is your husband who took vow to be faithful to you? At least put the unfaithful man's picture out there too. You fight a fellow woman because u think she is destroying your home when u are married to a community dick. She is wrong but the one you should be fighting is your unfaithful shameless husband. I pray your husband does not cheat again because you would fight for the rest of your life my dear." Linda Senam wrote.

Dakoho Hemaa said: "Instead dealing with your husband for disrespecting you no mtcheeew"

Another user, Nana Kwame Oparsco Nsawam wrote: "If ur husband didn't give her chance how can she be close to him.....Arrhhhhh Lord have Mercy"

"Wrong move by the sidechick. Where is the foolish maen, errrrrr?", said Yao Kumadoh.

Maame Mansa also wrote: "Very good Paa next time, to those going after people’s husband s learn from this"

Daniel Edoh added: "Please don’t share this video is very bad I’m going to report to Facebook he’s an abuse fairy bad video"