Parliament was on Thursday morning thrown into prolonged laughter when the Member of Parliament for Abirem constituency, John Frimpong Osei rose to ask the Energy Minister a question about the connection of some communities in his constituency to the national grid.

While his question was not exactly funny, the rather sexually suggestive names of the towns he mentioned were.

The names, including “Kote Ye Aboa,” and “Etwe nim Nyansa” got many Parliamentarians familiar with the twi language burst into laughter as the names connote sexual innuendos upon literal translation.

While “kote ye aboa” literally means the penis is wile, “etwe nim nyansa” literally means the vagina is wise.

The MP’s question revealed that the constituency has many other interesting names, including Kyiri Ahantan, which literally means hate pride.

The legislator asked, “whether the ministry had plans to provide off-grid electricity to the following communities in the Abirem constituency which are difficult to be connected to the national grid;

Kyiri Ahantan


Etwe Nim Nyansa

Kote Ye Aboa

Hwoa Ye Mmobo


Tetteh Brofo



Yaw Broni”

The Energy Minister, Boakye Agyarko responded that the Ministry will soon conduct a survey to ascertain the best way to get the communities connected to the national grid, but not without a humorous remark about the name of the town.

“Mr. Speaker, I now understand why the Member from Abirem belongs to a happy lot coming from a constituency with such names, you can’t only be happy. The House is agog this morning and I was expecting a full house, but the tedium of the house that we get some comic relief now and then… I suspect that providing them with electricity may interfere with the nocturnal activities as suggested by their names” he said.

“He further answered that the ministry will explore the possibility of connecting them through off-grid or mini-grid solutions. The ministry has noted the request and will conduct an engineering survey to determine the best means of providing electricity to these communities in line with the electrification programme.”

But that did not take the minds of the MPs away from the interesting names of the towns in the constituency.

Seated in the public gallery as the question was asked on behalf of the residents and subsequently answered were the Chief and Queen mother of Kote Ye Aboa and Hwoa ye Mmobo.