Its another game in the National Division One League Zone 1 and a near violence towards referees was averted when the match officials sensing danger decided to end the match abruptly.

It was a match played at the Techiman Park involving Techiman City and Tamale City.

Although spectators have been restricted from attending matches, fans of these clubs  find their way into the stadium without the club's management acting.

According to reports the referees were abused at half time and were threatened by spectators massed up at the stadium that they will be beaten.

At half time, the away side Tamale City were leading by a lone goal scored by Tawfik Salisu.

Sensing danger, referee Moro Iddrisu and his two assistants Alice Feruzua and  Emmanuel Opoku failed to return after first half because some supporters were insulting them with vulgar languagues that even included their innocent mothers and felt their lives were in danger. Although, they requested for reinforcements which was swiftly provided, the referees opted not to start the second half.

However, some reports also suggest they were physically abused.