Believe it or not, December seems to be that month of the year everyone adores and enjoy so much, especially Christians because of events that come with it.

Come to think of the 31st all-night services where all Christians attend different churches to thank God for the year and to have their new year resolutions.

Once again, on this 31st December 2017, most Christians will troop into their respective churches to pray for good tidings in the coming year.

However, the hilarious thing about 31st December is the sort of name pastors and church leaders call their 31st all-night service.

Founder and Leader of Kingdom Prayer Ministry International, located at 98 Thabo Mbeki Dr, South Africa, Prophet Nana Poku has hilariously titled this year's all-night service '31st December is judgement night'.

"...Something is about to happen. Your enemies are about to die no matter who they are, they must die. They have been following you for so many years but this time, no mercy for the criple. 31st December, your enemies must die. Come..I'm expecting you, we call it do or die..they must die for your life. It's judgement night this 31st December. Those that deserve to die must die with a sword". He said in a video circulating on social media.

Watch video below:


Has it gotten to this? ???

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Some of the names which are likely to appear on giant billboards this 31st December are Run Over, Cross Over, Fly Over, Pass Over, Takeover, Swim Over,  Cry Over and many others.

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