There was near chaos and pandemonium over the weekend at Tepa in the Ahafo Ano South district of the Ashanti region when the leader and founder of the Anointed Palace Chapel international, Rev. Kwaku Antwi Agyei aka Obofour stormed the area.

In a widely circulated video, the man of God is seen at a funeral grounds together with his wife thousands of people attempting to breach the water tight security detail around him to catch a glimpse at the man of God.

As he walked around the funeral grounds supporters of the pastor are head chanting the initials of his church ‘APC’, ‘APC’ while he occasionally responded with a cheerful hand wave.

Cladded in a black attire with dark shades to match it is unclear whose funeral the APC founder attended but from the crowd and dignitaries present it suggests it was a prominent person’s funeral observation.

There was also the opulent display of wealth from the preacher with a fleet of high end luxurious sports cars and SUV’s which is the preserve for the high and mighty in society.

Latest versions of Benz saloon, Lexus, Maybach, Toyota Land Cruisers and a host of vehicles all on show.

At some point the preacher is seen sharing cash to a gathered crowd before jumping into his vehicle