President John Mahama has said the NPP is counting on a possible voter apathy in the Volta region to push the upcoming polls into a runoff.

According to him, an intelligence information the NDC has gathered from the opposition camp indicates that the party is banking all their hopes of winning the December 7, elections on the possibility of Voltarians not pouring out to vote for the NDC next week.

The NPP appears to have focused more attention on the Volta region this time around. The party says it is confident of amassing considerable amount of votes from the region which is a traditional stronghold of the ruling party.

But addressing party supporters on his campaign to the region, President Mahama said residents of the Volta region will disappoint the NPP come Election Day.

“…7th December we have business to do, and I can assure you that I have no fear in my heart, because I know that God is on our side. By the grace of Almighty God NDC will win the election.

“And we have seen their intelligence document. In their prediction they say Voter apathy will affect us because Volta region will not turn out to vote, but they lie, they will see,” Mr. Mahama said.

Ghana is heading to the polls next week in a crucial elections to elect a President and Parliamentarians.

President John Mahama of the ruling NDC and Nana Akufo-Addo of the main opposition NPP are the frontrunners.