Popular Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei has joined the campaign for change ahead of Ghana's general elections scheduled for December 7.

The actor has called on Ghanaians to vote against the current government and get it out of power. He told his followers on his social media platforms on Saturday that they should vote for change that they have been waiting for, adding that the time has come for “new players” to take over.

“Gm Fam… 7th December is few hours from now …Get ready to use your THUMB to vote for the Change you so much desire…..no more extra time, the duration time 90minutes is over all necessary substitution have been made .

2MINUTES was added on still the ruling party failed to score just a goal to make the people of Ghana Happy….The sad part is even though the Referee and lines men were bribe massively by the ruling team Ghana still succeeded in losing woefully…

Time to bring on the new players fam…vote wisely!!vote for Change!!So you don't complain in agony 2017…#CHANGEISCOMING#Votepeacefully#1Ghana 1Nation 1people let peace reign no fight use your thumb,” he said on Instagram on Saturday.