A gory accident that has occurred on Thursday May 17 2018 in Hain, a town in Tumu in the Upper West region has left one dea

Confirming the news, the Police regional Commander, DCOP Otchere Boapea has stated that, 21 year old Kanwei Hamidu, the deceased was one of a gang of smokers who was trying to escape arrest from the SWAT patrol team who had seen them while on duty.

The regional Commander confirmed to the press saying, “In an attempt to escape arrest some of them dived into the dam and one got drown”.

Mr Boapea further added that, “My men managed to disperse the crowd at about 7pm Thursday”.

However, the youth have blamed the death of Hamidu on the police and had taken to the police station earlier today and attacked the police destroying items and leaving others injured and are undergoing treatment.

DCOP Boapea has yet confirmed the attack saying, “We’ve managed to calm tempers and the situation is under control. We’ve beefed up security with more men being deployed at Gwollu and Tumu".