The mathematical set contained very important materials used by a lot of Nigerian students.

It was a must-have back in the day. If you had a new, complete set of mathematical instruments, you were a cool kid. Having a maths set was really important, but it involved a lot of struggles. Here are some of them that you might remember.

1. When your mummy agrees to give you money for a new maths set

She must mention that you’ve used almost 100 maths sets sha, and ask if you’re eating the tools.


Image: SoulTravelMultimedia


2. When you finally buy the new maths set

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter


3. You’re extra careful with the items, you even write your name on each item with a sharp object.

jake-ft write meme

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4. When someone asks if they can borrow your ruler

The answer is always no.


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5. Your face when they start sending people who don’t have maths sets out of the class.

Image: IbakaTV/YouTube

Image: IbakaTV/YouTube


6. And all you classmates start calling you wicked and proud

Because of ordinary maths set o.

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7.  So you decide to be nice and borrow someone an item

Before they curse your whole generation.


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8. Then they don’t return it.


Image: Nairaland


9. Somehow all the items start getting missing one by one

First the ruler, then the pencil, followed by the eraser.

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10. You trying to remember who you gave what to


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11. And the only items left are the instruments that nobody ever uses

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12. Then you get sent out of class for not having a maths set


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13. And you have to run around trying to borrow when there’s a test

Everyone you borrowed suddenly forgot when you were nice to them.

Image: Complex

Image: Complex