Every other year, people enter the new year with great expectations. Some of those expectations wane off as the days turn to months and months into quarters and on and on untill the year wraps up.

While this happens, there still are people who get to achieve what they set out to achieve for the year. Many of them have an edge over others because of their winning strategy.

The importance of have a winning strategy cannot be overemphasized. The right strategy makes you not only able to achieve what you set out for but to be able to document it and replicate it again when you want to.

So, if you need a strategy for your goals for 2017, book for a strategy session with Philip Asuqoutes (PAQ), a seasoned brand and PR strategist, by calling the number 08112556232 or send a mail to philipasuquotes@gmail.com .

This Strategy Session with PAQ is an annual positioning and evaluation program put together to help companies, organizations, governments and individuals achieve set targets and make the most of their year with strategies that work. Location does not matter. He will reach you wherever you are for the session. Let’s win in 2017 together.

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Philip Asuqoutes is a Brand/PR strategist with over 10 years in practice. He has worked with several companies, individuals, organizations and some government owned agencies. His first stint as a brand strategist was with PEPSI Nigeria, when he pitched an advert/PR plan to the company for their soft drink brands several years ago before he went into full time practice. He is currently the head strategist atwww.thebloomsquare.com . You can reach him via philipasuquotes@gmail.com or 07063607101. You can also book for a strategic session with him via 08112556232