Issahaku Fatawu scored a great goal for the Ghana national team , but Ruben Amorim, despite praising the young forward's potential, recalled that the goal was against Nicaragua and says the forward still needs to "learn" to be able to help Sporting more.

“The reality of Fatawu is very different from ours. He played against Nicaragua, I don't want to take credit for it, but you have to see the difference in the football we are playing, it's a completely different world. Fatawu did not have Mateus Fernandes' school and other players did and he is making that transition", highlighted the coach at a press conference.

A learning that the young forward will do, above all, in the B team. "The B team has more time to prepare these players, to teach sometimes basic things that for us are taken for granted and that they don't have and Fatawu is to go through that moment. He has fantastic potential, he has fantastic physical ability, but there are basic things in the game that he has yet to learn. As we are always preparing matches, as we have the requirement to win every match, sometimes we don't have the necessary time that Fatawu deserves", he continued.

In conclusion, Fatawu is a project for the future, but the future could be very close.

"We believe in Fatawu, it is for today and for tomorrow, it is making the path that players have to do. I'm happy that he scores a goal for the senior national team, but he needs a little more to be at the level he needs to be because he has moments of great ability", highlighted the coach.