By now we all know that healthy weight loss is the perfect combination of a nutritious diet and regular workout. But you will be happy to know that there are more factors that experts claim can help you lose weight. One such secret to losing weight is decluttering your kitchen. Yes, you read that right. It is said that decluttering your kitchen has surprising health advantages, can improve your diet and help you lose weight.

Lifestyle guru, Marie Kondo in her latest web series and book talks about how tidying your living spaces is a thing. Having a neat and tidy home can make you feel lighter and better both mentally and physically. Kitchen and weight loss Studies have shown that a clean kitchen can spark clean eating habits by reducing stress levels that drive us to eat unhealthy. A 2016 study published in the Journal of Environment and Behaviour analysed what happened when non-stressed and stressed women walked in a messy versus non-messy kitchen. Result The results were not so surprising as stressed women in a messy kitchen consumed more calories than those who ate in a clean kitchen. But even the non-stressed women ate more in the messy kitchen, which proves how keeping your kitchen clean can help you keep your calorie intake in check.
So, to Marie Kondo your kitchen for better health and weight loss, follow these five rules. Rule 1: Ask yourself “Will this improve your health?” Take out everything from your kitchen and go through each item individually and ask yourself, “Will this improve my health?”. If the answer is no, donate that item or just throw it away. As you arrange everything back, assign a designated area for each type of food to make it easy for yourself in future. Rule 2: Declutter your counter topsThe best way to control your calorie intake is by keeping nothing on your kitchen counter. Literally nothing, not even soap bars and sponge. Blenders and toaster should also be kept in the drawers or in boxes. Having an absolute clean counter top might also inspire you to cook more meals on your own.

Rule 3: Recognise your refrigeratorRepeat the Rule 1 with your refrigerator as well. Take out everything from refrigerator and freezer and throw away all what is not healthy for you. Also, make a shopping list before you go to buy groceries next time. This way you won’t buy any unnecessary things.

Rule 4: Clean your kitchen cupboardsYour cupboards should be organised and not jam packed with stuff that you never use. Take out everything and keep back only what you need. Donate unnecessary cookware and other unnecessary items to someone who needs it.

Rule 5: Fix your meal timings

Practice mindful eating by having all meals at the same time every day and seated, says Marie Kondo. Do not eat while standing in your kitchen, while doing any other work or watching television. Having a routine for every meal is the best way to be thoughtful about what you are eating.