You cannot be irresponsible and then forget about it. Life doesn't give you that luxury. I was young once and irresponsible too. Love, at that age, happened fast and quite often.

“What is it that you can’t mend once it breaks?” It was a question thrown at me by my girlfriend. She looked disturbed and a little angry as well. But girls often lose their cool for the simplest of thing—that's what I believed and concentrated to find an answer to her question.
“Glass?” the reply sounded almost like a question.
“No.” The monosyllable meant trouble.
“Heart?” I asked trying to sound romantic.
“No. You can heal a broken heart,” she replied staring into my eyes. “You will never understand.” Saying this she threw a pair of socks at my face.
“What???” I almost shrieked as the socks hit my cheeks before falling on the floor.
“These are your socks. You left those at Anika’s place last weekend. It’s the same weekend you changed your plans to meet me. The same weekend you said you had to visit a friend in the hospital,” saying this, she left in a hurry and I realised, only a month later when she left our college, that this is the last time we would be talking.
Anika was her best friend. That weekend was a mistake. I always had a crush on Anika and that was the first time we made love. I had cheated on my girlfriend but I didn’t even feel guilty about it then.
Fifteen years later, I had the answer to the question that she had asked me that day—“What is it that you can’t mend once it breaks?”
I have been married for seven years and am the father of a five-year-old daughter. I am, rather was, in love with my wife. But on one fateful day, I caught her cheating on me with my business partner, who is also my best friend. That day, I had the answer.

It’s trust. You cannot mend it once it breaks!

—By Krishna C.