LiFi is a wireless optical networking technology. Specifically, it is a type of visible light communications (VLC) system that utilizes light-emitting diodes (LED) for data transmission.

LiFi has extraordinary qualifications from other VLC systems. Like WiFi, LiFi is the main type of VLC that permits the bidirectional transmission of light. Be that as it may, rather than the radio range, it utilizes the noticeable light range through Drove lights equipped with an exceptional chip. You can use LiFi Technology by Oledcomm.


LiFi is a mobile wireless technology that uses light as opposed to radio frequencies to communicate information. The technology is upheld by a worldwide environment of organizations driving the reception of LiFi, the up-and-coming age of wireless that is prepared for consistent coordination into the 5G core.

How Does LiFi Technology Work?

LiFi is fast bidirectional networked and mobile communication of information utilizing light. LiFi contains various lights that structure a wireless network.

At the point when an electrical current is applied to a LED light a flood of light (photons) is produced from the bulb. LED bulbs are semiconductor gadgets, and that implies that the brightness of the light moving through them can be changed at incredibly high paces.

This permits us to convey a message by balancing the light at different rates. The sign can then be gotten by a locator which deciphers the progressions in light power (the sign) as data.

The intensity modulation shouldn't be visible to the human eye. And subsequently, communication is similarly essential and consistent as other radio systems, permitting the users to be associated where there is LiFi-empowered light. Using this method, information can be communicated from a LED light at high paces.

Is LiFi More Secure Than Other Wireless Technologies?

pureLiFi is fostering the security parts and innovations that empower security experts to convey safer wireless communications.

LiFi is significantly safer than other wireless technologies since light can be contained in an actual space. Our entryways and windows can be closed. And actual hindrances and changes can be carried out to contain and safeguard the light. We can make the circumstances that permit us to close the entryway on our wireless information.

It ought to be perceived that the current security conventions for encryption and validation can be utilized in LiFi systems to give significantly safer wireless systems.

What is the Difference Between WiFi and LiFi?

Wi-Fi(wireless fidelity) and Li-Fi(light fidelity) are two different technologies that are utilized to wirelessly send and get information. On account of Wi-Fi, we use Switches and Radio Recurrence (RF) waves to send information, while in Li-Fi we utilize LED bulbs and Light motions to communicate and get information.

LiFi Involves minimal expense given the VLC technology involved which thusly utilizes exceptionally effective LED bulbs.

WiFi disposed of the requirement for direct actual associations with access to neighborhood networks and the internet without requiring direct actual associations with servers. Users have conceded admittance from any place close enough since WiFi associations are wireless.

LiFi Quicker transmission speed as the light goes at a quick speed. Less obstruction, capacity to traverse salt water, and capacity to work in thick regions.

WiFi is simple to carry out as the need might arise to contact just an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to give an internet connection and a WiFi Router to give access point.

LiFi is used in airlines, undersea exploration, and so forth.

WiFi is used for internet browsing with the assistance of a WiFi hotspot.


What Are The Other Applications Of LiFi Technology?

EMI Sensitive Environments

On airplanes, Li-Fi-enabled lighting will permit a high information rate network for every traveler. It will permit the network consistently, without making electromagnetic impedance (EMI) with delicate radio hardware on the flight deck. The decrease in cabling necessity likewise implies a lighter airplane.

Underwater Communication

Radio waves are immediately caught up in the water, forestalling submerged radio communications, however light can enter for huge distances. In this way, LiFi can empower communication from one jumper to another, jumper to small sub, jumper to boring apparatus, and so on.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Vehicle headlights and tail lights are consistently being supplanted with LED variants. This offers the possibility of vehicle-to-vehicle communication over LiFi, permitting improvement of against impact systems and trade of data on driving circumstances between vehicles.

Traffic signals as of now utilize LED lighting, with the goal that there is additionally the possibility presented of city-wide traffic the board systems. This would empower vehicle systems to download data from the network and have continuous data on ideal courses to take and update the network concerning conditions as of late experienced by individual vehicles.


Our homes as of now have lighting broadly installed. The utilization of LiFi-enabled lighting will change the applications that can be imagined, not just the interconnection of gadgets, like TVs, networking systems like Office Technology Management, and Howdy Fi, yet additionally interfacing conventional homegrown apparatuses, like refrigerators, clothes washers, microwaves, and vacuums. The "web of everything".

Sensitive Data

Hospitals are a specific instance of a climate where both EMI responsiveness and security of information are issues. LiFi can empower the better arrangement of secure networked clinical instruments, patient records, and so forth.