1/10What is the colour of your tongue?

What is the colour of your tongue?

The colour of your tongue can tell a lot about your health. Even minor changes like change in the surface can indicate a lot about your well being. There are a plenty of factors responsible for the colour of your tongue. You need to learn which colours signify that there is something wrong with your tongue and when you don’t have to freak out. In fact, certain medications can also change the colour of the tongue temporarily.
When you are brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue, make it a habit to inspect your tongue to look for any abnormality.

2/10​​What is the colour of a healthy/normal tongue?

​​What is the colour of a healthy/normal tongue?

If you have noticed, the colour of a healthy tongue is light pink. While a light white coating is absolutely normal, the texture of your tongue should be slightly fuzzy.

3/10​White tongue

​White tongue

If your tongue is white in colour, it most probably means that you are dehydrated and have poor oral hygiene. But if the coating looks a lot more like a layer of cottage cheese, it might signify Leukoplakia, whose common cause is smoking. In addition to this, a white tongue may also indicate flu. For better clarity, get it checked by a medical practitioner.

4/10​Pale tongue

​Pale tongue

A pale-coloured tongue can indicate nutritional deficiency, which can be easily taken care of by making the required diet changes.

5/10​Yellow tongue

​Yellow tongue

If there is something wrong with your digestive system or if you have liver or stomach problems, you might have a yellow coating on your tongue. However, there is no need to panic just yet as more often than not certain medications or poor oral health hygiene could be the culprit.

Source: indiatimes.com