Comrade, I really want to know what our great party has done to you that, anytime we are moving towards our major elections, you create internal confusion at the level you wish to contest before, during and after that contest, which leads to create internal wrangling that ends up affecting the party in the general elections at the level you contested!!!

When it comes to those who have really benefited from the great NDC party, we can't forget names like Comrade Joseph Yamin. You have gratefully benefited from our beloved party from been a minister at the sports ministry to a minister at the regional level to a NADMO coordinator. Please ooooo senior comrade, what else do you want from the NDC before making sure there is peace and unity at anyplace you find yourself!!

When you contested for Ashanti regional chairmanship and the party faithfuls voted against you for a more competent person to them, you couldn't reconcile with the winner to create a conducive atmosphere for a United front between your camp and that of the chairman but rather maintained that heated and divisive atmosphere which affected the great NDC during the General elections within your region. You were nowhere to be found during the 2020 elections within your region when the party needed you most.

Now, you have moved to the National level and have started creating another confusion there between yourself and the various National executives there.
What's happening between you and our National Youth Organizer!!

Please! please!! & Please!!!, We need united front from the branches, through to the constituencies, to region to the national level to help us secure victory 2024. Enough of the tension, confusion and beef at any level you contest an election or find yourself.

You have already benefited from the great NDC so you may not care if we should still stay in opposition, but senior Yamin, some of us at the grassroots level haven't benefited anything yet and we won't allow you to pour your sand in our Gari towards our victory 2024.
Please leave Pablo alone for he is a peaceful person and a hard-working National Youth Organizer.

Where were you when Pablo organized the Yentua demonstration, you were nowhere to be found. I personally looked around trying to locate you, but you didn't attend. I have personally never seen you at any of our party's demonstrations nor programs, and only Allah knows why.
Please give us a break for we won't allow you to bring your divisive nature and attitude to the National front.
Victory 2024 is our ultimate goal and aim Nothing else.

The victory of the NDC is Coming Again!!.... Let the people say.....

Thank you.
Sir Kham
(Youth activist, Counselor, etc)


PHONE: 0547537130

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