Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reportedly bringing the short link feature to its Business app users on iOS. The feature simplifies the link sharing for businesses and instantly opens a conversation with the customers. Notably, the feature was already available to Android users.

Wa.me service was launched last year with WhatsApp beta for Android 2.18.138. According to a report by WaBetaInfo - the website that keeps track of WhatsApp updates, the feature will be available for all iPhone users having the beta version of WhatsApp Business app.

With the new feature, the users will be able to access new section in Business settings to configure a default message. This default message will include a personal wa.me link to share with customers.

WhatsApp Business app was launched as an independent app in January last year. Within a year of the launch, the app crossed the mark of over five million enterprises globally that uses the app to connect with their customers. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can connect with the customers using the business app to passon useful information such as business description, e-mail, store addresses and website.

In a related news, WaBetaInfo also reported that WhatsApp is working on features like "Forwarding Info" and "Frequently Forwarded" in its Beta update for Android. The features will allow the user to know how many times a message has been forwarded. However, it will be available for user once he/she sends a message. "This information is available for sent messages only, because the user can navigate into Message Info only for messages he sent," the website said. Presently, a user can forward a message to maximum 5 users in India.

Source: gadgetsnow.com