The Valentine’s week begins with the much-awaited Rose Day, which is celebrated on 7th February every year. As the name suggests, the occasion is all about giving roses to your loved one and conveying your true feelings to the person. The story behind the celebration of Rose Day is an interesting one. If you carefully look at the word ‘rose’, the letters can be rearranged to form the word ‘Eros’, who is called the God of love. And hence, Valentine’s Week begins with this day where people gift roses as a token of their love.

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Giving a rose is the perfect way to express your love without doing much talking. It is not necessary that you have to gift only a red one to the special person in your life and in fact, depending upon the relationship you share with him or her, you can even go for a white, orange, pink or lavender rose. Before you choose a rose of a particular for someone special, don't forget to read what each colour signifies.

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Red roseThis is the most common colour, and it signifies love. Red roses are associated with romance, passion and intense emotions. Most importantly, giving someone a red rose is a silent way to say ‘I love you’. Yellow roseVibrant and cheerful, yellow roses are the perfect choice to gift your friends. They signify optimism, joy and good health. So if you want to tell your close friends that you love them and they hold a special place in your heart, you know what to send them. White rose Did you have a fight with someone and you now want to start everything with a clean slate? Gift him or her a white rose. This colour signifies innocence, humility and goodness of heart. Pink rosePink roses are given to express your gratitude to the person. You can gift these to your parents, mentor, teacher, sibling or even a stranger to whom you are thankful for something.

Lavender rose

Have you fallen in love at first sight? Well, tell this to that special person by gifting a lavender rose. Unfortunately, lavender roses are not readily available and you might have to go an extra mile to get them.

Whichever rose you plan to choose for your loved one, you can always accompany it with a hand-written note. Put down your true feelings, thank the person for making a difference in your life, note down what all you admire about him or her and we bet this sweet gesture will make this person smile throughout the day!

Happy Valentine’s Week, everyone!