This article talks about where to gamble in Asia. Read about the countries where gambling is allowed in Asia since most Asian countries prohibit gambling.

Asia is not only the biggest continent in the world but also home to the biggest casinos. Starting with Macau, Asia prides itself in alluring casino gaming activities that contribute handsomely to the foreign exchange.

Similarly, the vibrant casino cities attract tourists who come to enjoy gambling. For the best experience of both big and small spectacular casinos, visit Macau. This place is undeniably the best place to gamble in the whole world. Macau boasts tons of casinos where gamblers can storm in and have a time of their lives. Gambling accounts for 80% of revenue in the republic of Macau.

Brief History of Gambling in Asia

Gambling dates back to very many years in Asia. In 3000 BC in Mesopotamia, the first instance of gambling was recorded. It involved the locals placing wagers on a dice. Then in 2300 BC, Ancient Chinese recorded a game of tiles that resembled a lottery.

The inhabitants would place wagers on this game and enjoy the thrill that came with it. The next instance of gambling was in India in 1500 BC when people would gamble on dice and chariot racing.

Which Asian countries allow gambling?

Gambling in Asia is forbidden in some countries and legalized in others. Here is a list of the countries where gambling is allowed;


In Singapore, gambling is not as big as in Macau but it has notable popularity. Here, it’s the quality but not the quantity of the casinos that matter. The biggest casino in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands a Las Vegas owned resort. It has all the grandiose features a casino would have


The Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation, PAGCOR, regulates gambling in the Philippines. In this country, gambling is a bit expensive since the licenses go at higher prices. However, the industry is well regulated so no crimes take place.


In Vietnam, online gambling is strictly forbidden. However, sports betting is allowed for games like horse racing, football, and volleyball. Also, the state lottery is allowed in Vietnam.


Malaysia allows gambling for only foreigners. The Genting casino constructed in the 1970s allows the playing of slots in Malaysia. However, all the Muslims, who are 60% of the population, are forbidden by the law from engaging in gambling activities.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong prohibits online gambling. Only lottery bets are allowed as they are regulated by the state-owned Hong Kong Jockey Club. Online gambling is not allowed but several foreigners have put up casinos which the government has not interfered with. However, it’s even illegal to promote online gambling.


In Taiwan, online gambling is prohibited but Taiwan Sports Lottery is up and running. Online gamblers use websites to access international casino sites where they can place their stakes. Upon noticing this, Taiwan authorities don’t interfere.

What are the biggest gambling brands in Asia?

This is a list of the biggest gambling brands in Asia;


Gclub should be in your bucket list of the best gambling brands in Asia. Offering a wide range of welcome bonuses and a chance to place wagers on many game options, this brand is the best. Intertops has a customized interface that gives you an easy time betting. The live scores enable you to track your bets quickly.


This brand prides itself on providing splendid betting services. Its refer-a-friend program attracts many bettors as well as the fast payouts. GoldenSlot is a game-changer in the gambling industry in Asia.


This brand is popular for its betting on the go and live betting features. In Betway you are assured of bonuses on specific sports offered in different languages. You can also enjoy sports betting on your mobile phone in the same convenience as in the desktop version.


This brand entered the market recently but has not been left behind in providing wonderful betting services. Get a variety of game options here and bet your way to a good payout.

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