Find Out Why Kids Should Learn About Story Writing

Teaching a child how to write a story leads to several benefits. Learn what your kid can benefit from if they learn about storytelling.

Children have vivid imaginations, which are beneficial to honing their creativity. One good way they can further develop their creativity is by writing stories. Aside from being able to construct sentences properly, there are many other benefits to becoming a writer. You can tryfinding book project ideasthat will help your kid not only to write a good story but also to publish a book.


A larger vocabulary

Writing will help your child develop a larger vocabulary. The words they know right now might not be enough to develop their story, so they will have to learn more words in order to describe a situation or narrate an event.

For example, your child is writing about an adventure on a farm and the words they often use to describe the farm are fun, big, noisy, and stinky. But, if they want to write a good story, they will have to describe the farm animals there as well as how those animals move. So, your kid might get to know the word "galloping," for one, if they are going to describe how a horse runs. Or, the word "scattering" for how the chickens react whenever your kid tries to chase them.


Building a structure

Another benefit of learning to write is having the ability to build a structure. When you're writing a story, it's important that you first know the basics of storytelling, in which there should be a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Most kids have a tendency to blurt out any event that catches their attention. They do not understand yet the concept of cause and effect and that proper storytelling needs to progress from one event to another. But, when your child starts to learn how to write a story, they will be more able to figure out the sequences of events, enabling your little one to be more meticulous and have organized thoughts.

Developing empathy

Writers often develop a deep sense of empathy towards other people because it is their objective to try and put themselves in other people's shoes in order to create a believable narrative. So, when your child is starting to learn how to write, they will also try to feel what other people feel when they encounter a particular event.

For example, if your child is writing about an orphan, at first they do not know how an orphaned child would react whenever the holiday season arrives. For your kid, Christmas means gifts, which will make him happy. But when your little one starts writing, with the help of their imagination, they will realize that it must be hard for an orphan to celebrate the holiday season because they do not have parents to give them gifts or even a hug on Christmas Day. Therefore, while your child has not met an orphan, they will have already developed a sense of empathy for them and other people.

These are some of the advantages of becoming a writer. It is imperative that you teach your child how to write. Being a writer will not only further develop their imagination but also teach them to become a better person.