Scores of New Patriotic Party(NPP) supporters have  converged at the resident of the party candidate Nana Akuffo Addo, with jubilation and further warning to the Electoral Commission to "do the right thing as early as possible."

The supporters say everything shows their candidate Nana Addo has won the election and hence they will not countenance any excuse from the EC.

"We have voted, Nana Addo has won and there is nothing the EC will say to change the verdict," one of them said.

We are ready to defend the party NPP, we are ready to find the constitution.It was the EC who said they 'will declare as and when the results tickles in', so why are they not declaring it now".

Earlier on the day, the NPP held two separate press conference, Accra and Kumasi respectively, warning the EC to immediately declare Nana Akuffo Addo as the winner, and threatened to hit the street to demand justice their demand is not met.

But the NDC on the other hand have asked the security to be on qui vive to forestall any mishaps, which may plunge the Nation into chaos.

By Fiifi Abdul Malik @fiifialmaestro on twitter