Wilson Arthur, the owner of Skyy FC, has announced his potential exit from club football due to what he perceives as dishonesty from referees toward his team.

In an interview with Akoma FM, Arthur revealed that his team had encountered approximately eight instances of referees showing bias against them in their recent matches.

He highlighted several contentious decisions that appeared to unfairly favor their opponents, leading him to contemplate leaving the club football scene altogether.

"After 22 games in Division One, I can say that approximately eight referees came specifically to sabotage my team. Everything about the way they officiated the game suggested that the referee was there to hurt me," Arthur stated.

Expressing his frustration, Arthur indicated that he is considering shifting his focus elsewhere due to the lack of integrity in refereeing.

"I’m unable to make investments or start club football again because I will undoubtedly be cheated in the end. Other people like Tony Yeboah and Kessben have experienced this, and they both quit due to the referees’ deceit," he added.

Arthur, who also serves as the MTN FA Cup Chairman, lamented the lack of response from the football association despite formal complaints lodged.

He recounted incidents where his property was damaged, and his coach was assaulted, indicating a hostile environment for his club.

"With no response from the FA, and incidents of violence against my team, it feels like I’m not welcome in club football. Funding club football will not benefit me going forward," Arthur remarked.

Skyy FC currently sits sixth in Zone 2 of the Division One league with 34 points, facing slim prospects of promotion to the top-flight league despite aspirations following a narrow miss in the previous season.