New accounts of missing babies are emerging after reports surfaced earlier this week of a couple who alleges Ridge Hospital lost their newborn baby.

On the Super Morning Show Friday, a caller named Julie recounted how she was allegedly tricked into signing a form confirming she saw the body of her dead grandchild although she did not.

Julie says on July 12, 2008, her daughter gave birth to a healthy baby boy at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. The following day, she says she received a phone call that the baby was placed on oxygen because they had to perform tests on his heart. Two days later, doctors pronounced the baby dead. She says she hasn’t seen the body of her grandson since.

“I did everything for them to show the baby to me but they said the baby was dead,” Julie said. “I was shaking. I couldn’t stand it.”

Julie’s story is similar to John Gabulja’s, who says he has yet to see the body of his dead daughter, the oldest of twins his wife delivered last month at Ridge.

According to him, he scheduled a meeting with doctors requesting for his baby’s corpse. But instead, he says doctors wouldn’t oblige. He was only advised to sign a document stating that he’d been counseled on the manner.

After several days with no answers, he says he went back to Ridge to inquire, but doctors dodged questions and attempted to divert his attention to the surviving twin, who was still living in an incubator.

“I don’t deal with dead bodies,” Gabulja said a doctor told him after requesting to see his deceased child.

But Emmanuel Sropenyo, Medical Director at Ridge, refutes the story.

“The father of the baby was invited by the staff who counseled [the couple], informed them and allowed them to see the baby,” Sropenyo said. “After the death of the baby, we gave them options to transfer the baby from the morgue and allow them to perform their own burial services.”
He continued: “They said they would come back to us with their final decision. For one month we did not hear from them so we proceeded to take the baby from the morgue for the necessary protocols and procedures.”

However, on the Super Morning Show Friday, Gabulja told Joy FM’s Animwaa Anim-Addo that Sropenyo’s story is inaccurate.

They only told me that the baby was dead. No one has shown the body to me,” Gabulja said. “Every day since [May] 16th I was in the hospital. Why didn’t they tell me? Are they telling me they didn’t know I was in the hospital?”

At the time of this report, Gabulja says he has yet to see the body of his deceased daughter.