Nollywood actress, Esther Nwachukwu, has claimed that most women nowadays do not fancy wearing panties, adding that she even falls on that list.

According to her, women, especially, those endowed with bigger booties, are no longer interested in wearing panties.

She said the length women go these days is just to resort to g-strings when wearing skirts.

"No woman wears pants for a complete day. In fact, people go without underwear these days, especially us with bigger booties.
If we choose to, we might decide to just wear g-strings especially when we wear skirts. And we can never wear that g-string for a complete day," Nwachukwu said on social media.

In recent times, several female celebrities have openly established how wearing panties makes them feel uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, according to scientific research, not wearing underwear, especially at night can help the body breathe better, reduce the risk of infections, and also promote comfort.