There’s still this strange myth floating around that women don’t masturbate.

As it’s masturbation month, we chatted to a bunch of women who masturbate for two important reasons.

Firstly, to prove that yes, women do masturbate, and secondly, to find out why women masturbate. Because we imagine many people are curious.

Here’s what some women told us about why they masturbate. Names have been changed, because not everyone wants to chat about their reasons for wanking on the internet.

Katie, 25

‘I masturbate out of boredom or for the purposes of stress reduction. ‘I’m rarely a raging ball of being horny, so it’s rare that I’d ever need to masturbate, but it feels like something I should do now and again because of all the health benefits and sexual empowerment, blah blah.

‘When I do go ahead and masturbate it always feels great afterwards. It just doesn’t occur to me to do it unless I’m bored and have nothing else to do.’

Gina, 23

‘I can’t always rely on someone else being around if I want to cum so why not take matters literally into my own hands?

‘Also, it’s nice to be able to get off without any expectation of pleasing anyone else, and it helps me get to sleep quicker.’

Samantha, 25

‘I masturbate mostly when I’m bored or feeling turned on – twice per week depending on my mood and how tired I am.’

Emma, 24

‘It’s fun and also if I ever want to nap it sends me right to sleep.’

Allison, 28

‘I masturbate on a regular basis. For some reason, it’s become somewhat of a morning routine, although when I’m going through stressful times in my life, I’ll usually lose the urge for it for a few days.

‘I’ve always been a very sexual person; both on my own and with partners. ‘It’s a release more than anything else, a break from constantly being stuck in my brain. And there’s the endorphin boost, too.’

Emily, 20

‘Because I’m flying solo and a girl’s got needs.’

Hannah, 24

‘I guess I flick the bean when I’m in the mood, like everyone else. But like with all things in my life, it’s coloured by my religion and culture.

‘You’re not supposed to masturbate when you’re Muslim so I tried not to, but of course, it feels good so it’s hard to stay away.

‘Also, in Islam you’re supposed to abstain from sex till marriage. Masturbating helps you stay celibate. But masturbation is also frowned upon. So it’s a catch 22 situation… best solved by a good wank.’

Lucy, 24

‘I think masturbation is healthy and as I’m single and currently not looking for a relationship, I know I can pleasure myself without having the faff of having a fling where I might not even be satisfied.’

Molly, 28

‘I’m very new to masturbation because basically I went to a school where they said it was the ultimate sin.

‘I was always scared to try it which sounds mad but genuinely, always a bit of me thought f***, something very bad might happen to me.

‘But more recently I’m trying to do it because I have an issue with orgasming and I think it’s probably psychological. I’m taking control and doing it more when I’m completely alone (I have to be alone for days, though, not hours) in a bid to feel more comfortable and know more about what I can do to improve my overall sex life.’

Amber, 28

‘I’ve been doing it since I was in my early teens. I liked the way it felt and have done it ever since.

‘I understand why people don’t, but it’s just something that’s been a big part of my sex life for over 10 years.’

Tina, 26

‘Being a single girl often means being sexually frustrated, as I never know when I’ll have the next opportunity to have good sex with someone.

‘Sometimes I’ll hook up with someone and the sex will be terrible, and I won’t orgasm.

‘Masturbation is a great way for me to discover what I like, and also to release some of that sexual frustration.’

Chloe, 23

‘I do it because the stimulation from my bullet isn’t something you can get from toy-less sex and it feels amazing, but I don’t do it often because I prefer sex in general.

‘My boyfriend and I live together so I don’t feel like I need to all that often, but I do find it easier and/or quicker to reach orgasm with a bullet and clitoral stimulation on my own than with penetration.’

Daisy, 23

‘I masturbate daily. It helps me relax and unwind after a stressful day. It allows me to escape the pressures in everyday life that I feel.’

Louise, 31

‘Sometimes I do it to relieve anxiety, or if I’m really hungover. ‘Or on the three fertile days I have every month where I have a high sex drive, if I’m not seeing anyone, I’ll masturbate then to get it done with.’

Ella, 25

‘I’m a sexual person and if I’m frustrated or feeling pressure masturbating helps release stress if I can’t get sex there and then.’