Strenuous work hours can be quite distressing. Today’s competitive market has made it impossible for employees to rest easy and do their work at a normal and calm pace. To meet the market’s growing demands, everybody has to rush to do their work. The nine-to-five work hours are a thing of the past now. Instead, overtime or early work hours are common now. You may think that logging in early and continuing to do your work is definitely beneficial as it can earn you brownie points from your manager. But the hefty toll it takes on your health can be alarming for the long run.

Physical health Often you must’ve complained about an aching pack pain that’s continuously stabbing you. Although it’s painful, you haven’t really got much time to rest it out. As a result, the pain stays. Instances like these prove that it’s very important to consider your physical health first, rather than flow along the line of heavy work. Several studies have concluded that people who tend to work for longer hours than the usual, have a high chance of dying early or catching a life-risk disease. Clinical researchers and doctors have even termed this to be as deadly as smoking because both will eventually lead up to the same thing-colossal health risk.

Mental health It is not just the physical health that gets affected but your mental health takes a severe toll as well. Just image hours of work and calls and most importantly stress, clamming your brains and mind. The aftermath of this can end in mental instability and the individual can also find it difficult to balance their lifestyle. Once, a healthy lifestyle experiences problems and imbalances, then it becomes very difficult to manage other things in their schedule. Along with several headaches and migraines, the individual takes more time than usual to remember and learn things, or make an important decision in their lives.

Career opportunities

Even if your physical and mental health problems do not affect you much, you would be surprised to know that your career can also go downhill from working way too much. Researches have concluded that people who mostly work extra hours or overtime have reduced job opportunities and skillset for being a proficient worker. Companies also regard proper physical and mental well-being as part of an employee’s complete candidature, and thus, if they lack in that prospect, companies avoid hiring such people.

It’s very important to schedule a proper work-life balance to give time to yourself and your loved ones around you. We understand that work definitely takes precedence over many people’s lives but it should be maintained properly. Just as the saying says, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, you can also lose out on life in other aspects.