Legal practitioner Abraham Amaliba has criticized pressure group #OccupyGhana over their opposition to the Attorney General’s decision to discontinue the case against businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

The AG’s department on Tuesday filed a notice to discontinue the GHC51 million retretieval case against Woyome at the Supreme Court.

The Notice of Discontinuance, signed by Mrs. Dorothy Afriyie-Ansah, Chief State Attorney, read: “Please, take notice that the 1st Defendant Judgement creditor herein has this 26th day of October, 2016, discontinued the present application to orally examine the 3rd Defendant / Judgement/Debtor with liberty to reapply”.

The move by the AG, according to OccupyGhana, is “Shocking, horrifying and disgusting” .

But reacting to OccupyGhana on Morning Starr Thursday, Amaliba said that “It is clear that OccupyGhana has the mission of regime change and that it is not actually in the interest of Ghana that they raise these concerns.”

“They have lawyers among them [and] they know that when you file a notice of discontinue with discretion to reapply, it doesn’t mean that you have abandoned the case. They know. If they had consulted their lawyers, they [will] know,” he added.

However, Nana Sarpong Badu, a member of #OccupyGhana argues otherwise, stating that “We really don’t think the government and the A-G are interested in this case.”

“It’s still clear that they still want Woyome to hold on to the GHC51m that is supposed to be given back,” he said in an interview on Morning Starr Thursday.