The hope of changing the status of Yaw Fosu, the mentally unstable man who was heard belting out the lyrics to Daddy Lumba's "Makra Mo", hangs in the balance as he is said to have gone missing.

It is understood by that Yaw Fosu, also known as Gatuso, vanished on Monday, November 27, 2023, not long after returning home from the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

In an interview with Kofi TV, an executive member of the Fantasy Club of DL confirmed the news, stating that they have looked for Yaw Fosu in both his sleeping location and the area where he was initially spotted, but they have not been able to find him.

Before the unanticipated happened, he said that arrangements were well underway to move him from his sleeping quarters to a new apartment that they have rented for him.

He described Yaw Fosu as being extremely "cooperative and calm", to which extent his disappearance has surpassed them all.

"We took him to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital on Monday. We left the facility around 7.30 - 8pm, it was late in the night so we left him in the care of his friend [Eric] aiming to pick him up the next day.

"We haven't seen or heard from him since he got home after that night, but after asking some people around, two of them have confirmed to us that he told them that he was heading to Kumasi," he told Kofi TV.

Additionally, the DL Fantasy Club executive member informed Kofi TV that despite their calls to Yaw Fosu's hometown of Konongo, no positive results had emerged from their search.

"We also heard from someone who claimed to have seen him at Lapaz. There have been conflicting reports, so I stayed back at his place all Tuesday thinking he was going to return home, but he didn't," he said, adding that they have reported the matter to the police.


Yaw Fosu was the talk of social media this past weekend after the mentally challenged man caught the attention of a group known as Fantasy Club of Daddy Lumba at a funeral.

The mentally challenged man was spotted singing to Daddy Lumba's "Makra Mo" when the song was playing at the funeral.

As Yaw Fosu was eventually given the microphone to perform the song, everyone at the funeral started crying.

Members of the DL Fantasy Club expressed their sadness at the development and pledged to modify Yaw Fosu's status and get him evaluated psychiatrically.