Former President Mahama's attempt to 'cash in' on President Akufo-Addo’s directive to the Finance Minister to initiate an IMF programme, appears to have backfired.

Following the directive and public commentary on it, the former President made a lengthy post on his Facebook page on Saturday, asking President Akufo-Addo to sack the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Attah. He also asked that Vice President Bawumia should be removed as Head of the Economic Management Team.

The former President's call has, however, angered many Ghanaians, who have been quick to open the former President's can of worms.

In various social media reactions, a number of Ghanaians have reminded former President Mahama of his not too distant past as President of the country, under whose watch the nation suffered more serious economic meltdown, leading to harsh IMF conditionalities such as freeze on employment and high cost of energy, among others, at a time there was no global crisis.

Comments under various news portals which published Mahama"s views minced no words in exposing what many call, the hypocrisy of the former President, and how he run down the economy at a time there was no global crisis.

"Did John Mahama remove Armissah Arthur when he went to IMF? Did he sack Seth Terkper as Finance Minister when public sector workers agitated his removal for his very disastrous handling of the economy? These are part of the reasons I believe John Mahama has nothing new to offer and he'll always remain a scary alternative," one contributor wrote.

For many contributors, former President Mahama should be the last person to publicly offer an opinion, considering how he took the country to the IMF for bailout, despite his administration not facing global economic crises, as the current Government is facing with covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war.

A number of the contributors also told the former President that with his bad record in office, such as failing to make statutory payments, increasing electricity tarrifs, inflating contracts and plunging the country into darkness for four years, which collapsed many enterprises, former President Mahama should stop posing himself as a Messiah, because he is not.

Here are some of the comments.