Popular Ghanaian highlife singer, Akwaboah recently faced a troll on social media who criticized his music, labeling it as suitable only for funerals, birthdays, and parties.

The Twitter exchange began when the troll called his music "wack" and questioned his artistic choices.

Akwaboah chose to reply gracefully.

He appreciated the troll's acknowledgment that his music is suitable for marking life's milestones.

Akwaboah explained that his music isn't limited to a specific genre or style but is meant to be a part of people's lives during both happy and sad moments.

He responded, saying, "So you mean my songs are for all the major milestones in one's life ????????"

Akwaboah's humble and dedicated approach to his music was praised by his loyal fan base. His music career includes popular songs like "Hye Me Bo," "I Do Love You," and "Naadu."

Check out the exchange below: