The season of Harmattan is upon us once again.

Every year, harmattan blesses us with its presence and gives us some respite from the biting heat. A lot of people thought harmattan won’t come this year, but it’s finally here. As much as we love it because the weather is cool and nice, it can also get really annoying pretty fast. Here are some popular harmattan struggles.

1. You wake up looking like a white walker

Image- Giphy


2. And no matter how much you moisturise, some spots remain ashy

Especially the ankles, elbows, and knees.

Tired African girl meme

Image: Pinterest


3. And this is how you look because the weather is just too damn cold

Nigeria becomes England in the winter overnight.

Image- Shutterstock


4. The moment you finish washing the car, it gets coated in dust

ohhh meme

Image: Nairaland


5. You, when you mistakenly bath with cold water

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7. And your lips have permanent cracks and painful blisters

Cracked lips

Image- WorldNews


8. It’s always so damn hard to breathe properly


Image: MemesVault


9. You have to forget about seeing anything outside because of the fog

Image: Ventures Africa


10. And you know you’d be a ‘rub and shine’ expert while the season lasts.