Going to the bank in Nigeria can be quite a chore.

From the long queues to all the long processes you have to go through, visiting the bank is stressful. There are some annoying/amusing people you will most definitely meet every time you visit the bank, and here is a list of some of them.

1. The ones that cover the ATM like their life depends on it

They always do the most when they try to cover their pin. The funny part is they don’t have that much money in their accounts.




2. The ones who never make it through the metal detectors

These ones have to remove everything they have in their bags, some clothing items before the metal detector lets them in. They always try at least 5 times.

Image- naij

Image- Naij


3. The ones who never have pens

These ones are always borrowing pens, and the moment you remember to ask for your pen back, they vanish into thin air.


Image: NairaLand


4. The queue announcers

These ones never fail to announce loudly, ‘I’m at your back, please’. They must always announce and let you know they are behind you.


Image- Nairaland


5. The queue jumpers

These ones will tell any kind of lie just to get ahead in the queue. They can even tell you their house is currently on fire.

Image- naij

Image- Naij


6. The Olodos

These ones never know how to fill forms. They’ll even ask you what to put in the space that says ‘name’.


Image: MemeCentre


7. The ‘notice me’ 

These ones love to show that they came to withdraw lots of cash. They just flash it up and down.

Got money gif

Image: Giphy


8. The 419 people

These ones are just there to scam you. They’ll beg you to do anything, from letting them withdraw money from your account to helping them to use their debit cards.

Image- SEOwebanalyst

Image- SEOwebanalyst


9. The oversabi security man

This one is always over efficient. Always thinks he’s a policeman. When you’re leaving the bank, he’ll never fail to ask if you have anything for him.

Image: Bankole Oluwafemi/Medium

Image: Bankole Oluwafemi/Medium


10. The annoying cashier

Some of the cashiers can be really annoying and they’ll do anything to waste your time.


image: StockImages