A group of police officers on Thursday, March 14, 2019 brutally assaulted three journalists of the Ghanaian Times newspaper.

According to a report by the Graphic Online, the journalists were assaulted by 10 policemen while on their way for an assignment.

The assaulted journalists have been identified as Malik Sullemana, a court reporter, Raissa Sambou, a general reporter and Salifu Abdul Rahman, an assistant editor.

Reports suggest one of the police officers who was using an unregistered motorcycle hit the car transporting the Ghanaian Times journalists.

The said officer is reported to have ignored the accident and went further to skip traffic.

The journalists then tried to record the ensuing exchanges, but their action irked the police officers who pounced on them and physically assaulted them.

Two of the reporters received severe bruises, while Mrs Sambou, a lactating mother, was rushed to the emergency unit of the Ridge Hospital.

Narrating his account in a Facebook post, one of the assaulted journalists, Malik Sullemana, said he was “pushed, kicked, slapped, punched, insulted and head-butted.”

He said they were subsequently arrested after being assaulted, explaining: “At the office, they requested to take my statement but I insisted to write my statement only in the presence of my lawyer. Flowing from this, they sent me back into the cell and urged the inmates to beat me up.”

Sullemana added: “One S. Nukunu who was at the counter, hit me on the back several times. A few moments later, ACP David Eklu, Director of Public Affairs, Ghana Police Service, DSP Effia Tenge, Greater Accra Police Public Relations Officer arrived in the company of junior policemen. By this time, the Editor of Ghanaian Times, David Agbenu and News Editor, Matthew Ayinne Ayoo were waiting at the Crime Office.”

It was after then, he said, that he has released and given a police form to seek treatment at a hospital.