The average Ghanaian generates a lot of waste in a day. The whole country especially the capital city is engulfed in waste.

One way we can reduce this is by recycling instead of thrashing. Here are 13 things you can easy recycle at home.

 1. Toilet Paper Tubes

When you’re done using your toilet paper, there is this hard cylinder paper that the toilet paper is rolled over, what do you do with it when you’re done using the toilet paper, you thrash it, right? Well what you need to know is that it can used in many other ways too. You can use it as a curtain holder, it can also be used for holding your cables in place or even storing them. You can also use it as a seedling holder where you plant in it instead of buying plastics for seedlings. This is safer because paper can easily decompose into the soil and it’s not harmful.


2. Pringles Cans

Why throw your pringles cans away when you can use it to store your pasta.


3. Tissue Boxes

Here you’re with your plastic bags all over the place when you can actually store them neatly in tissue boxes but unfortunately, the last one you had, you thrashed it.


4. Old Newspapers

If you’re the type who loves reading newspapers, then using them as toilet paper or thrashing them is not the best option. You can use them to wrap fruits and store them and this slows down ripening, you can also use them to wrap gifts or even sell them for money because builders use it for construction. You can also use them to stuff your shoes or line your refrigerator with them because they are effective for absorbing moisture and making your refrigerator odourless.


5. Old Make-Up Brush

Ladies, before you decide to thrash your makeup brush because it’s become old and overused, you might want to keep and use them as keyboard brushes and if you don’t have a computer or laptop, you might want to hand it over to your brother or boyfriend who will need it. Of course, you need to wash off all the makeup.

Image: Nykaa


6. Used Lotion Bottles

You can cut through used lotion bottles and make good use of it instead of thrashing them. You can store your phone or charger or other cables or keys in them.


7.  1 Litre Bottles

It can be a 1-litre coke bottle or a Voltic water bottle, before you decide to thrash it, remember you can use it as a funnel.


8. Ketchup Bottles

When you’re done with it, instead of thrashing it, it will be better to use it as a pancake dispenser.


9. Tic Tac Containers

Instead of thrashing your tic tac containers, you can use them to store pins, hair clips, bobby pins and other small sharp objects lying around the house.


10. Old Toothbrush

Instead of disposing of your old toothbrush, you can use it for cleaning your canvas or other things and places that are difficult to reach around the corners.


11. Old Mouse Pad

If you have no more use for your old mouse pad, then you can use it as a heat pad instead of thrashing it. When you get your pan off the fire, you settle it on the mouse pad to cool off and this is because they are great insulators of heat.

Image result for uses of mouse pad in the kitchen


12. Old Wine Cork

You can have many uses for old cork instead of just thrashing them. It can be used as a stopper for doors or kitchen drawers.


13. Shower Curtain Hooks

If your shower curtains are old and useless, don’t thrash it yet, you can use them in another way. It can be used as a hanger for handbags and other heavy things in your wardrobe that the hanger can’t hold.