1. “Right to say No to sex”

No woman should be raped or forced to have sex by her husband or any man. She is not a sex object or a sex slave. Her no means no!


2. “Right to dream”

A woman should not be told to shelve her dreams in the name of love. The woman’s dreams are just as important as the man’s dreams. As the two love each other they must find a way of making their dreams work. We all have an individual purpose, man or woman.

3.”Right to say she is not ready”

A woman’s decision should be respected. Women are different and at different places in life and readiness. A woman may be in love but not ready for a relationship or marriage. It doesn’t mean she is scared of commitment, indecisive, or doesn’t want to love him; she is just not ready. She just needs time, a little more convincing, for the man to work a little harder.

4. “Right to financial power”

Money is a good thing. It gives power to do things. The woman is filled with joy when she contributes to the needs of the home, when she buys herself things, buys her man, her children, her family, her parents things or treat them. She feels fulfilled when she sees herself not as a burden in need of assistance every time but a contributor no matter how much or little she brings to the table. She feels more confident to engage.

5. “Right to cry”

Whether a woman cries easily or not. She has the right to shed tears if it will make her heal or feel better, the right to release. Sometimes all a woman needs is to cry it out without being seen as petty, emotional, childish or weak.

6. “Right to honesty”

A woman is not afraid of the truth no matter how painful. She deserves to know the truth at all times, she can handle it. Don’t keep things from her or peddle lies claiming that you are protecting her.

7. “Right to the best of love”

A woman, especially a woman who loves her man so good deserves good love in return. Don’t give her hell when she is giving you heaven.

8. “Right to self-advancement”

A woman should progress, her man should not be a stumbling block. She has the right to study all she desires; Degrees, Masters, PhD. She has the right to get the best job in the market, the best salary, the best promotions, best clothes. Her man shouldn’t tell her to back down, tone down or under-shine because he is insecure that she is more successful than him. Her success is his success, he should celebrate her.

9. “Right to good sex”

When a woman has decided it’s the right time to give her body to that one man she will be faithful to, she deserves mind-blowing sex from him, her husband. No holding back, the highest of pleasure accompanied by his faithfulness to only her.

10. “Right to worship God”

Spirituality is a personal journey. If the man will not walk his journey, he shouldn’t drag or hinder the woman from walking hers. No one, not even her husband should come between a woman and her God.


11. “Right to socialize”

Her man is her number one priority, but he is not the only important person in her life. She has her family, colleagues, friends, customers and clients; she still needs to invest time and effort in these other relationships without being looked on with suspicion.

12. “Right to decide matters concerning her womb”

Pregnancy is the exclusive role of the woman, it is her womb that carries the baby for months, her body and life that is changed by expectancy. They should decide when she is ready and fit to have a child and how many, with the man making his case, sensitive to her health.

13. “Right to an opinion”

The woman’s voice in a relationship/ marriage should not be silenced. Decisions made should involve her, she must have a say. The man should not be a dictator. When a woman’s voice is silenced, she will withdraw, be unhappy, resent the man, or walk away. Listening to her doesn’t mean it’s her way that will carry the day, it doesn’t always mean compromise. But even if her ideas will not be taken, agree to it with both feeling your opinion was put into consideration.