The Electoral Commission (EC) has revealed that the total number of registered voters for the December polls is over 15 million.

At an Inter-Party Advisory Council ( IPAC) meeting with political parties on Friday, the Commission also disclosed that it had created 28, 902 polling stations for the elections.

Speaking to Citi News’ Sixtus Dong Ullo, the Director of Elections for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Martin Adjei Korsah said the NPP can only confirm the credibility of the voters after they have received and scrutinized the register.

“We have not been given the register yet. Infact the Chairperson said a number of days back that the total registered voters were 15.8 million but today we got a different figure from the Commission. The Commission is now saying the total registered voters are 15.712,552 so that is a huge difference from the 15.8 but the particulars of this figure still has to be received.

“We are yet to get a copy of the voters’ register. We submitted a letter and an external drive to that effect upon the Commission’s request…We are yet to receive that register and it is only when you receive it then you can compare and say that the so called approximately 15. 8 million is accurate or it is not accurate.

In the room today I took very serious issues with total number of proxies but again the explanations were not clear.. We need the register, the register comes with some other lists. Abesentee list,proxy list, transfer list,special voters list.

All of these, we need to sit down and compare so that we can make a sense of what it is that is happening and so let’s wait till we get the register then we can dissect it and then make an informed decision.”

The Vice Chairman of the governing NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo also indicated that the EC will soon furnish the NDC with relevant information for scrutiny.

“As a political party we have submitted a hard drive to the EC for them to give us the electronic copy of the register from which we will then print them out and then use them for the purposes of doing our house to house operations.

“We submitted our hard drive and we have been told that by this evening the hard drive will be ready. The voters register has undergone a lot of metarphorsis. There have been deletions, transfers and the EC has furnished us with all that information son when the final register is released we will crosscheck whether indeed the number given to us reflects the reality"