Stephanie Coker is bae on all levels.

If you disagree, you can go find your bae from wherever you want. If you make a list of all the ladies in the entertainment industry that are hot and Stephanie isn’t there, then your list is pretty much null and void to be honest. No wonder she made it to our list of most stylish women this year

Here’s some proof that Stephanie was actually all that and more this year!

1. Does your woman crush do it better?


2. Babe


3. Nwa di okay


4. So fine


5. Kuku kill us


6. Black Girl Magic!


7. Mami


8. Rraaahh!


9. <3


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10. So beautiful!


11. How does she do this all the time?


12. Gorgeous!


13. Glamorous!


14. MAAN!


15. Hot


16. Steady doing it right


17. Slay!