A former Takoradi Constituency chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Chairman Eliasu Abdul Rahaman says, securing victory in the 2020 general elections would not come on a silver platter.

He thus cautioned his party against "uncouth" activities, including verbally abusing members, show of power, arrogance, disloyalty, pomposity, that could together jeopardize the chances of the NDC come December 2020.

He, however, cautioned flag bearer of the party, John Dramani Mahama against complacency as he warms up with his campaign team to face the party’s fierce rival, the New Patriotic Party in the December 2020 Election.

He stressed that despite the hardship in the country, Ghanaians could still settle on the sitting President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, who, when confirmed by his party would face the NDC flag bearer for the third time in an election, after Mahama secured 2012 victory and lost 2016 elections to him.

He explained that the contest between the two experienced politicians would become another gruelling contest as they slug it out for the ultimate in eleven months time.

Mr Eliasu further explained that should the NDC fail to do the right thing before, during and after the elections, they could be laughing at the wrong side of their mouths after the declaration of the election results.

The outspoken politician cited Western Region as one of the bad examples that could shock the former President, should he fail to heed to the advice and continue to listen to fake characters parading themselves as his admirers.

The former Takoradi constituency chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Eliasu Abdul Rahaman explained that the flag bearer of the party, John Dramani Mahama must boldly stand up against saboteurs before they do him in as occurred in 2016.

In December this year, Ghanaians would go to the polls to elect Parliamentarians, as well as President for the country.

Whilst the electorates await the date for the elections, anxiety has already started building in the air, with the two leading political parties constantly at each other's throats over issues bordering on the welfare of the Ghanaian citizen.

But, the former constituency chairman of the party believes, the party requires all hands on deck to prosecute the winning campaign capable of helping the party to wrestle power from the NPP administration.

He has therefore advised flag bearer of the party against complacency and pretenders around his immediate circles, and in the regions.

Touching on his personal experience and ill-treatment within the party, he said he was wrongly accused of kidnapping in the Ashanti Region when apparently he was not the one, and yet the party never defended him even when he tried to get attention from the leaders, he was snubbed.

He had very strong words for the leadership of NDC especially the communication team headed by Sammy Gyemfi, over the loud silence they gave him during the kidnapping saga.

The picture of Abdul Rahaman Eliasu was used by the political opponents of the NDC on social media as one of the kidnappers in the famous kidnap case involving three Canadian citizens which occurred in the Ashanti Region.

They (Canadians) were in Ghana for holidays, but subsequently got kidnapped whilst they were in the Ashanti Region.

Apparently, one of the suspects, Seidu Mbah, who had the hairy, moustache looks of the former Takoradi Constituency Chairman gave members of the NPP the currency to run amock on social media with the picture of the NDC guru as one of the kidnappers.

But, he fought hard, using the same social media to disentangle himself from the wrongful accusations and to dispel the rumours that had gone viral.

Unfortunately, in the midst of all these, the party was dead silent about the issue and the latter had a problem with the former for not coming to his aid.