22Bet is a betting site in Ghana known for its great service. The site is among those that hundreds of thousands of regular users, which says a lot about its services. Bettors won’t stick to an operator that is not good enough. They want constant thrill and excitement. They want variety, many options, and good conditions.

To provide everything bettors seek for, 22Bet offers more than 1000 events on which players can bet regularly. The site also offers quite a few betting options. These include accumulators as well as systems and individual bets. There’s something for everyone’s liking!

Soon after the start of gaining popularity, 22Bet launched its mobile app that iOS and Android users can download and use without any problems. Even though devices are different, mobile apps look similar (almost the same) on every device. 

Getting the App

To get the mobile app, you need to register on a platform’s website. After registration, you have to follow the steps your smartphone asks you to. 

To install the app when having an Android device, you have to enter the 22Bet site first. After that, you have to find an Install icon in the right corner of your homepage. After choosing an option to download the app for an Android device, your final step will be to click “confirm”. 

In order to get the app on your Apple device, you have to follow a few more steps. 

The first two steps are the same as the steps mentioned in the process of installing the app on an Android device. After finding an install option in the website, you have to click on “Download for the iOS app”. 

After that, you should find the “iTunes and App Store” option in the setting of your device. After entering the details of your Apple ID which is a regular procedure, you should pick a region and agree on terms and conditions. Moreover, you have to choose “None” when it comes to paying methods. 

The final two steps are quite simple. You have to enter the billing location and download the app

Pros and Cons

Like every other app, this app has its positive and negative sides. Among the good features of the app, we have to mention user-friendly interface and data storage which means you don’t have to enter your information every time you want to use the app. The apps are responsive to touches as well. The main con is that the site isn’t dedicated. 

The betting options you have include live betting, sports betting, and live streaming. Besides traditional payment methods, modern payment methods are also available.