If by now, you really haven’t heard that Skinny Girl In Transit is back, then you’re on your own oh.

We included it in our list of amazing web series to catch up on because it’s pretty much hilarious and we enjoy watching it.

We caught up with the fourth episode over the holidays and here are all the thoughts we had:

1. Wawu, Tiwa is doing birthday

2. Shalewa is so beautiful.

3. We are seeing so much of Iya Tiwa these days


4. Does Iya Tiwa want to sew asoebi on top birthday party?

5. How can you not invite Iya Tiwa sha?

6. Ayo Adesanya is glowing

7. Iya Tiwa will preach the news of husband to you if you’re wearing a skirt

8. They have ganged up against Iya Tiwa in her own house

9. Baba Tiwa no dey return from this his waka?

10. LMAOOO #IyaTiwaExtra

11. The nerve

12. Didi so extra


13. Hope they invited this guy that sits next to Tiwa that has to listen through their convo

14. Aww Iya Tiwa is the best sha.

15. Well beat faces in night gowns. Seen.

16. Does Christian Louboutin know God sha?

17. LMAO Wosi konko for life


18. How does everyone look better than Tiwa sha? At her own party?

19. Boy, this is awkward

20. Mide must be so irritated



22. Is it just me or is something off about that scene?

23. That happened so fast

24. What did Hadiza do to Tiwa now?


Can’t wait to see what happens next Friday!