Without a doubt, education plays a crucial role in every individual's personal development. While obtaining a degree, learners are not just accumulating knowledge. They also gain vital life skills, shape their personalities, and expand their horizons. 

Luckily, many countries now recognize the utmost importance of high-quality schooling. Ghana is not an exception. Local government has been implementing some major reforms to its educational system.

The country has made significant progress over the past decades. Currently, it has one of the highest enrollment rates in Africa.

Empowering Ghanaian Students: Top 3 International Academic Opportunities

Despite the existing problems, there are also some benefits. Ghanaian students have plenty of opportunities to take their education to the next level. There is a wide range of international academic programs available for students from this region.

Opting for international academic programs is a great way to expand your horizons and obtain a high-quality education. Of course, participating in such programs is not easy. 

However, with a bit of effort and commitment to learning, you will succeed. And specialized services like EssayWritingService.com will be there to back you up in case you will need a flawless scholarship essay! Here are some of the most exciting international education options:

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Developing Countries

Established in 1987, Erasmus is now one of the most widely-known student exchange programs. This is a nonprofit program funded by the European Union.

The program is created to allow students, interns, and teachers to relocate to a different country to take an internship, continue learning or teaching.

The EMSDC offers students an opportunity to complete their MA or Ph.D. level studies. The program is available for young people from the EU, as well as from all over the world. 

How large is the award? The amount of scholarship depends on several factors. The total sum is defined by the participant's:

  • nationality;

  • academic level;

  • duration of the chosen program.
The biggest benefit of this opportunity is that it offers a generous coverage of almost all expenses. It covers tuition and participation expenses, monthly allowance, as well as your insurance and travel costs. 

Besides, the program covers a large array of subjects and specialties. Thus, it allows everyone to find the right opportunity to suit their needs.

The key mission of this scholarship is to boost the quality of education around the world. It is one of the best opportunities currently available for Ghanaian students.

Tullow Oil Scholarships for Postgraduate Programme

Another great international opportunity for Ghanaian students is Tullow Oil Scholarship. This scholarship is designed for students looking to gain a postgraduate degree and start careers in the oil and gas industry.

The program is coordinated by the British Council and implies studying in the UK. In fact, Tullow sponsors a wide array of courses. The main focus is made on oil and gas-related studies. 

However, there is also a number of other courses, such as engineering and similar. They are designed to enhance the economic growth of the students' home country.

If you have been selected for the Tullow Scholarship, you will be given an award valued at $60,000/year. The award covers tuition expenses, travel costs, purchase of clothing, baggage allowance. It also implies a monthly stipend.

To be eligible for this opportunity, you have to:

  • be a legal resident of Ghana;

  • possess a BA degree and be committed to obtaining a postgraduate level;

  • have no previous experience of studying abroad;

  • demonstrate your willingness to come back to your home country after the end of the course;

  • not be a Tullow employee or employee's dependent.
If you meet the stated criteria and willing to engage in oil and gas studies, you are welcome to apply! 

JFUNU Scholarships for MSc in Sustainability Programme for Developing Countries

Another great opportunity to look at is JFUNU. It stands for Japan Foundation for the United Nations University) scholarship.

This is an option for students from developing countries who demonstrate outstanding academic performance, genuine interest in sustainability issues, and a strong financial need.

The program takes place in Tokyo, Japan, and lasts for two years. Students accepted to the program will receive an award that covers their tuition fees and monthly allowance.

To participate, Ghanaian students must:

  • show genuine interest in sustainability studies;

  • have a BA diploma and have a high GPA of at least 3.5;

  • show an in-depth understanding of current global issues;

  • demonstrate the commitment to studying.

Study abroad
Study abroad

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the many opportunities available to Ghanaian students. The options from this list have been time-tested and proven to be effective.

However, there are also many other options out there, so don't hesitate to look further for something that suits your needs!