Blood Pressure Related Myths: it is important to maintain healthy blood pressure numbers. Here are some myths about blood pressure you need to know.
Healthy blood pressure numbers are one of the signs which indicate healthy functioning of the body. Changes in blood pressure can be a sign as well as a result of some health conditions.

Both high blood pressure and low blood pressure are harmful to your health. High blood pressure also known as hypertension can put you at a significantly higher risk of heart disease whereas low blood pressure or hypotension can lead to dizziness and affect your heart health. Many are not aware of the exact causes of these major fluctuations in blood pressure.

There are several misconceptions around blood pressure which restricts individuals from following the right prevention steps. In this article, here are some common myths about blood pressure that you should know.

Myths about blood pressure

1. Changes in blood pressure are harmless

Many ignore fluctuations in blood pressure. High blood pressure can be a sign of some serious health condition. Low blood pressure can also make it difficult to perform day to tasks efficiently. It is important to get blood pressure numbers checked regularly, any change should be treated medically.

2. High blood pressure cannot be controlled

Many live with high blood pressure and believe that it cannot be treated. High blood pressure can be treated effectively with the help of medical assistance combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Regular exercise, weight management, consumption of a healthy diet, stress control and quitting smoking can help regulate blood pressure numbers.

3. Cutting salt can cure high blood pressure

Too much salt is bad for your blood pressure as well as kidneys. Reducing salt intake may help control blood pressure numbers. But cutting back on salt alone is not going to help you fight hypertension. To fight hypertension it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

4. It is okay to quit treatment once symptoms are under control

People tend to stop medication once the symptoms are under control. But you should not stop the treatment unless your doctor advises you to do so. Also, follow all necessary prevention methods as long as required.

5. Drinking coffee is safe when blood pressure is low

Consuming caffeine in low blood pressure can elevate numbers for a while but it is a treatment for the condition. Too much consumption of caffeine is harmful to your health in various ways. If you are suffering from high blood pressure then you must avoid caffeine consumption as much as possible.