The director of artificial intelligence medicine at Cedars-Sinai hospital has been charged with distributing and possessing child pornography.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, Guido Germano, 59, of Santa Monica has been accused of distributing child pornography videos using peer-to-peer software and downloading them onto his personal computer at his home

Germano however pleaded not guilty during a Thursday morning arraignment at the Foltz Criminal Justice Center, but the judge imposed two bond conditions on the defendant: No internet use unless a device equipped with accountability software is used, and no unsupervised time with minor children.

Germano was arrested June 19 and released on $20,000 bond, the DA's office said.

He was charged with two felonies distribution of obscene matter and possession of child or youth pornography, court documents said.

If convicted, he faces a possible maximum sentence of three years and eight months in state prison.