When Kangana Ranuat in her recent Instagram post shared a video of her newly married brother and his wife, she captioned it by saying, "I am happy to welcome Anjali to our house but when I look at her parents, it overwhelms me. They have given us a part of their heart." A lot of us feel these emotions at weddings, especially during the vidaai ceremony. However, not all vidaai functions are about tears and choked up emotions. We spoke to 7 women to know about their most embarrassing moments during vidaai. Here they are:

"My uncle put up a whole drama" I was dreading the vidaai because I knew it would be very difficult to control my tears. So I had asked my cousin to get the cameras off during the ceremony as I don't want these heartbreaking moments captured. One of my uncles came to hug me but when he realised the camera was off, he insisted that the camera guy turn on the camera first. The drama went on for a few seconds and then when the cameras were turned on, he suddenly started crying. It was all too funny!

36 years old Shikha Shah "My friend slipped a condom in my hand" So my vidaai was happening and suddenly my friend came to hug me and slipped a condom in my hand. I freaked out on realising what she had handed to me and my whole vidaai video recording shows me tightly grasping something in my palm. The first instance I got, I quickly put it in my husband's pocket.
28 years old Gunjan Shukla "The driver went missing" After my vidaai, we all were sitting in the car waiting for the driver. The cameras were on and all my family was standing there crying. My husband was getting restless and he started telling his cousins to get the driver asap. Shortly we got to know that he got badly drunk and passed out. Then much to everyone's surprise, my husband stepped out of the car and sat in the driver's seat and ferried us away!
31 years old Prapti Sinha "My father in law's shocking statement" I had strictly told my parents and extended family that I don't want the vidaai to be dramatic as it will spoil my make up. But my in laws side was expecting it to be all rona dhona affair and so my father shouted loud in front of everyone, "Arre kissi ko dukh nahi hai ladki ke jaane ka." We all burst out laughing!
43 years old Shruti Shikha

"The super annoying cameraman"

I had a super enthusiastic cameraman at my wedding. So when the vidaai started, he wanted to orchestrate it in a particular manner and started directing everyone to come from a certain angle to hug me and then cry looking at the camera. Everyone just got so pissed off after a few minutes, that they asked him to back off! Poor man was shocked by our response.

26 years old Pooja Pratap

"My mom's emotional outburst"

I had throw grains behind me and the ladies in the family had to catch as much they could in their dupattas. I got so engrossed in throwing it fast and wrapping up the process, that I was asked to repeat it all over again. I looked angrily at my mom who suddenly started crying and telling my dad that I gave her my 'infamous look'. It caught everyone's attention and they all started laughing.

22 years old Ritisha Sharma

Source: indiatimes.com