Innumerable sites are offering its users the platform to find their soul mates. Communicating via the internet has been made easy with the advancement of technology and social media becoming a rage.

Young people yearning for love and companionship are networking, and the results seem positive so far. So if you are a woman in your thirties looking for love, you can also try searching for your partner but first you must follow these rules.

  • Be genuine

Don’t share false information on your profile. Be authentic; share your real and favourite photos to draw more traction to your page. Sharing false information will speak badly of you when the person gets to know the truth.

Be specific

Don’t beat about the bush. Confidently write out the type of partner you are hoping to date and eventually marry. Give a brief summary of your favourite things and clearly, state your expectations from the other party.

Respond promptly to chats

Log on daily; don’t keep your prospective partner waiting for you to come online. Absence does not always makes the heart grows fonder but vulnerable. If you keep responding to their messages late, they might find someone who is always ready to be with them online listen to their issues, offer them advice and initiate a relationship with them.

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  • Refresh your profile

In the world of dating, every small detail matters. Update your profile with every little achievements or endeavour; maybe someone might also share similar interest. It is an excellent way to build connection and start a new relationship.

  • Proofread everything

Don't risk putting false information online. Proofread everything you write twice or more before sharing the world.

Don't fall in love

The space we share with someone through social networking is in great contrast to that we share with people in the physical world. Things might not turn out well when you meet in person.

Let the love grow naturally, don't get your hopes high until you finally meet the person, have few dates and move from little just buddies into a serious physical relationship.