Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter game that is quite different from all other games available. If you are a beginner, jumping into this world can be overwhelming. Learning the complex mechanics of this game may take some time. In most cases, newcomers do not understand the deceptively tricky game mechanics and fail to make a grip in the world of Rainbow Six Siege.

In this article, you will find a list of most useful tips which will ease your journey. So, if you are a newcomer, do use these tips and see the improvement yourself;

Top 7 tips for beginners

1.   Learn from mistakes

Making the same mistake repeated in this game will take you nowhere. So, the first thing you need to understand is that you will die in this game repeatedly. You cannot allow your emotions to guide you. Dying early sucks, but you have to stay practical and look for your mistakes.

It's possible to get hold of a pattern that leads to death if you're careful enough. You need to work on that pattern and stop repeating the same mistake. Adapting to a particular playing style can help move forward in this game. Always learn from your mistakes. You need to keep yourself flexible and never lose hope.

2.   Use your drones

If you want to support your team, use the drones properly. As an attacker, your team will get two drones, and you have to make the best use of those. Use the drones carefully to avoid getting shot by defenders instantly. Rainbow Six Siege can be a heavily informative game with a slow pace, but drones can help you make better strategies.

When you use your drones, the defending team gets confused and anxious. You'll also find information about different entry and exit points, which will help you plan an attack. So, using the full potential of available drones is one of the most effective r6 hacks.

3.   Learn camera placements

On the map of Rainbow Six Siege, you will find several default cameras. Learning the placements of default cameras is very important. When you are aware of surrounding cameras, you will gain advantages in every battle.

It will help you approach smoothly, reduce death risks, save you from attacks, and offer you hiding spots. The camera placement on each map is different. So, this may take some time. So, make sure that you and your teammates know the camera placements on each map.

4.   Communicate effectively

Good communication is the key to success. This is absolutely correct for Rainbow Six Siege. For beginners, communicating with other experienced players can be intimidating, but this is very important for your survival. Intel and communication are the two most important things you can not overlook. You can use the mic to inform others about drone views or deaths. Thus, the player can ensure that everyone is on the same page. You can also win matches smoothly if the team can communicate effectively.

5.   Change sites

Jumping from one map to another can be overwhelming for new players. Each map is different from the other. So, players tend to get caught up in a particular map. This may make you feel comfortable, but it will stop your improvement.

So, do not be scared to roam and change sites. You may die while roaming around, but you have to learn from your deaths, as mentioned above. Only when you wander around, your idea about the map will increase.

6.   Keep options for retaking

If the attacking team takes hold of a site, you have to strategically set up the site for a retake. In most cases, newcomers tend to reinforce every doorway and wall of the objective room. But this can cause a team kill. You need to do the exact opposite. Always leave room for your team to retake a site.

7.   Use your gadgets properly

You have to use your unique gadgets strategically. This can be a complex matter. Newcomers usually forget to use their gadgets altogether. Become familiar with their use and enjoy your victories.


These are the top 7 useful tips. Both beginners and seasoned players can use it. If you follow these tips, your game playing will improve easily. Apart from these, you have to keep practicing and do not forget to have fun.